Where Have the WaldoJoneses Been?


Hi all,

I wanted to give an update on where we’ve been and where we are going. My apologies, this is going to be a long post.

First, let me begin with where we have been:

We left Colorado in May 2017. Needless to say –  a lot happened between then and now (Oct 16 2017).

We hit the Cheyenne Wyoming Air Force base for a night, then moved to Rock Springs Wyoming where we had a fuel leak on our motorhome. This was just before Memorial Day. I bought 2 ball caps from Rocky Mountain Cummins for $800.00 each and they purportedly fixed my fuel leak for free.  Long story short it took them a few attempts to finally resolve the issue.

We started a nursing contract on June 16th in Mountain Home Idaho for 16 weeks. We found a nice RV park called “The Wagon Wheel” for the whole 16 weeks. The park was nice, with large sap dropping trees, squirrel infestations, and bird droppings. The onsite manager is a guy named Chris. Nice guy and very helpful to everyone in the park. The owner is not very nice however. During the summer we had low voltage problems in the park. The manager told me the owner recommended we leave as he wasnt going to fix the problem. No other parks in the area so we stayed and dealt with power outages. I will have a full park review upcoming in the next few weeks.

We spent a weekind boating with the family near Bear Lake Idaho and had a good time. We spent some time with Alexandria Iva Black (who loves  to be called Iva, but I cant remember it, so I call her ILEX), Billy Baker, and Faith Black.

Marci and I finally got our youngest son off to college at Boise State University in August. We are very proud of him and love to see him working so hard at enjoying himself!Just kidding, we are very proud of how he is dealing with us abandoning him into the clutches of liberal professors and smiling young ladies (I am not sure which one I am more afraid will get his attention LOL)

We spent a little time with the walker family in Idaho Falls, but nowhere near as much as we would have liked.

On October 13th we finally hit the road in our RV to avoid the impending winter months. Our first stop was Jackpot Nevada where they let us stay in their RV park for free overnight. We then drove to Ely, NV (pronounced eeeleee) and spent the night in an RV park called shady grove or something original like wagon wheel LOL).

We have found and fixed a leaking levelling jack, learned how inaccurate tire pressure monitoring systems can be, found and am scratching my head about a broken bearing on my fulllivingroom/kitchen wall slide out, and am struggling with an apparent bad injector pump on my ISB Cummins 5.9 motor.

Our stopping point tonight is Cathedral State Park in Nevada. Pretty expensive but the scenery is awesome. On the way here we stopped at an old charcoal kiln created to make charcoal for smelting silver in the 1870’s. We plan to stay in Cathedral State park for 2 nights then head to Las Vegas and Nellis Air Force base.

The goal is to check out The Hoover Dam, Tombstone Arizona, El Paso TX, and Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico on our way to the next nursing assignment (not sure where that will be at this point!).

We learned something too – after a nice little snow storm and another day of melting and freezing, our full wall slide canvas topper likes to collect ice – making closing impossible. So glad my better half likes heights!

Update: We made it as far as Yuma Arizona, where we are spending the winter.