What a week!

Kid graduated High School on Wednesday and a late winter storm tore through Colorado and Wyoming area. Kept my In-laws from leaving Thursday. 2 hotel rooms for 2 nights extra down the drain!

Good note – my toad was released from the shop Friday morning ready to go. The driver of the car that hit us is claiming there was a 3rd car that hit him first and fled the scene. Liars really annoy me! I am out 1000.00 on this accident because the cops believed him and wrote it in the police report without checking with any other drivers to see if it was accurate. Oh well – wish USAA would fight for us like AAA is fighting for their client!

The family finally got out of town driving my non toad car and my sons car on Saturday morning. They made it 600+ miles and in the last 5 miles were driving through a round-about and were hit in the passenger front door and fender junction. That door doesn’t open now!

Cop can’t seem to figure out that the person in the round-about has right of way or that the person that hits the other is at fault. Letting him claim “both drivers say they were in their own lane” – I only have liability insurance on that car so I am out any repairs on it now.

Both that driver and I have USAA insurance. Anyone think I should try to file a claim against his insurance? My luck they will just deny it and ding my insurance record again!

We will depart Monday for Idaho in the RV. Got caught up on laundry at Buckley Air Force Base and have to hook up Toad tail lights and the fuse bypass switch for my 12 CR-V as well.

Going to try to get our dealer to look at the front driver side leveling jack that is leaking and not holding weight.

I think I am low on fluid as my front jacks don’t seem to want to fully retract!

Fun fun