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Watch For Big Events 4-18-2019

Well, it’s been almost two years of RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller of the Trump campaign and Presidency

What do we know?

There was NO collusion (whatever collusion means)


There was no finding of Obstruction of Justice by the President

That is essentially the ball game. The democrats took their best shot and missed. What does Shakespeare have to say on the subject? I’m paraphrasing here, but: When you come for the King, you better not miss.

They missed!

Please watch THIS closely: It will tell you a LOT about what Trump is thinking!

Now, tomorrow, April 18 2019 is the day Robert Mueller’s report is released by Attorney General William Barr. It is being released in redacted form to remove 4 things:

  • Grand Jury testimony – by LAW, this information may not be released – Period – FULL STOP.
  • Classified information – which will be released to congress in a classified setting – Congress will leak it, don’t worry
  • Information on non indicted private persons – would you want anything about YOU released in this report if you had done nothing wrong?
  • Executive privileged information – Trump has left this category up to the Attorney General to decide whether redactions are appropriate. For example, you wouldn’t want communications between The President and foreign country negotiations released if not related to Russia. It could hurt trade negotiations for example.

That’s it.

The fact that the Democrat majority in the House of Reprehensible’s is screaming “cover-up” should tell you all you need to know about how this process has turned out for them. They spent 2+ years screaming “TREASON” and “It’s Mueller Time” expecting a Trump or a Trump family member indictment. None of that is happening.

Phase two is now beginning. Now those that have subjected this country to two years of hell based on a fake collusion with Russia narrative are going to see their actions under scrutiny. There is a lot to scrutinize. In fact, even leftist news outlets like The Washington Post (who has been one of the worst, most biased, actually disgusting outlets in my opinion) are saying Fox News has been right in their defense of President Trump (and by inference, that everyone else has been wrong). See THIS article:

Now, for a summary of the momentous events over the last 2 months please read THIS article.

Now, if you are not really sure what the heck has been going on, or just want to know what CONSERVATIVES believe happened during and after the 2016 Election, please read THIS LOOOOOONG article (get your favorite beverage and get comfortable first, its intense)

Thats my last link, I promise.

Now, here is what I think will happen tomorrow: ALL HELL IS GONNA BREAK LOOSE

Yup, that’s right. Republicans are vindicated, Trump is unleashed, and Democrats are going to raise hell. But the plotters of this bloodless COUP attempt are now under scrutiny- deservedly. Democrats are going to fight like hell to stop that scrutiny. They came at the king and missed. The king will have retribution.

NO Trump is not a king, I am being metaphorical ok, sheesh. It would absolutely not surprise me if we saw a few things during tomorrow’s press conference like this:

  • Indictments of some coup plotters like James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok et. al.
  • Pardon’s of former Trump admin officials caught up on the illegal probe like General Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort, and George Papadopolis
  • Notice that crimes began against the Trump campaign in January 2016 (when FBI was claiming it was July 30 2016)
  • Release/declassification of fraudulent FISA spying warrant applications submitted on Carter Page to spy on his communications with the Trump organization

I mean, the reality is that the Clinton campaign paid a Law Firm named Perkins Coie to hire a research company named Fusion GPS who hired a foreign spy named Christopher Steele who worked with Russians to create a fake dossier on people associated with Donald Trump. Then they shopped that dossier around to press outlets like CNN, NY Times, Washington Post (and a bunch of others) who helped get it to the FBI. The FBI used it as legal justification to spy on the Trump campaign to act as an insurance policy should he somehow win the election. The truth is, they NEVER thought he would win. NEVER!

He did and they went crazy trying to keep him out of office or to impeach him / arrest him and thwart his Presidency. This is as bad as it gets folks!

But, in the end, our country must officially know what happened. Reasonable people must get this resolved. Our country must heal. We have big problems to fix.

We have the best economic outlook in 50 years because of Trump’s tax cuts and deregulation policies. Enjoy it. Imagine what we can do working together.

There is almost no chance that Trump will not win re-election in 2020 – the numbers are too good and the highest poll numbers for what concerns Americans is Illegal Immigration – Trump is right on this, and Americans agree overwhelmingly.

Let’s do this together ok?

Happy End of Collusion day!

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