Ok Folks,

Short entry for today. This has been one HELL of a week!

I have been getting blasted by people saying “Trump is a Russian puppet. Sanctions not reinstated! Russia, Russia, Russia. What is Trump doing to stop Russian interference in the US?”

So, let me lay it out for you.

*** We have no stinking idea. Trump does NOT telegraph his actions. He just acts. ***


Read this article.

Apparently, some Russian Mercenaries tried to take a position in Syria held by American forces. That article tells you what happened. This happened over a month ago. Tonight MSNBC is reporting this as breaking news.

A little late but better than never.

Lets talk North Korea: Trump was just given an opportunity by NOKO to sit down and talk with “Little Rocket Man” Kim Jong Un. KJU agreed in opening request to not fire any more missiles, begin to denuclearize, and not complain when the US & Soko conduct training. NO PRECONDITIONS ON THE US! Also hearing that KJU wants the US to open an embassy there! Just WOW folks!

Why? Sanctions & China. Trump has hit them with severe sanctions and China is on board, even though Trump is slapping Tariffs on their steel.

I don’t know if this will lead to peace, but if it does, oh boy!

Even CNN says so in THIS piece.

Lets talk RussiaGate for a second. Trump has the media so confused that they are SUPPORTING both Jeff Sessions (our Attorney General) who everyone says should resign, AND Inspector General Horowitz of the DOJ.

Sessions has already appointed an outside prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton and the FBI/DOJ – Quietly – that will lead to Obama in my opinion. These Socialist pigs need to be held accountable and will be!

Read This Article please

and This article too

The DOJ Inspector General is expected to release his report soon (in March 2018). This will be DEVASTATING to the Democrats and crooks in the FBI/DOJ.

Lets talk 2018 midterm elections. The democrats say a “Blue Wave” is coming. They think they will take the House of Representatives and put Nancy Pelosi in charge. Historically that is true, the party out of power takes a lot of seats in midterms. Here is an article on Texas primaries last Tuesday. No blue wave in Texas folks.

Now, the US Senate is in better shape for Republicans, because Democrats have far more seats up for grabs. See THIS article showing current status.

If Democrats do win, our agenda is in jeapordy. They will be able to stop investigations into their crimes, halt Trump’s agenda, and even impeach the president. They can’t pass any laws because Trump would veto them. Please get out and vote. Give President Trump the help he needs to Make America Great Again!

Have a great week everyone!