Since my last post, many things have happened.

President Trump has been besieged by the Media and half of this country who have been pushing a narrative that our President was a Russian Puppet.

  • Robert Mueller has prosecuted 4 people with ties to the White House:
    • Natl Security Advisor Gen Michael Flynn
    • George Popadopolis
    • Lawyer Michael Cohen
    • Lawyer Rick Gates
    • Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort
    • A bunch of Russian bots

Yes he has gotten some convictions and plea bargains. Nothing came close to linking the President to a crime. Let me say that again for the slow THE PRESIDENT DID NOT “COLLUDE” WITH ANYONE BUT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE TO WIN THE ELECTION

The reason I broke my silence today, is because a MAJOR event happened today.

Robert Mueller, Special Counsel extraordinaire, has finished his investigation and turned over his report to the Attorney General William Barr.

There will be NO more indictments, prosecutions, persecutions, or witch hunts against the President by the Dept of Justice. Congress is another matter!

Here is the process. AG Barr reviews the report and decides what to release to the Congress. Here is an initial letter from the AG to Congress detailing this process:


It is important that you read this carefully. I will point out a couple of things:

  • The AG has confirmed there were NO decisions to prosecute anyone overridden by the AG or Deputy AG – he had free reign
  • The AG will review the report this weekend and try to release what he can in accordance with the law and regulations
  • The AG made the above letter public in an effort to show he will be as transparent as possible

The AG will likely NOT name anyone who was not charged with a crime in his public release. There is good reason for that. The investigative material has information from innocent people. NO ONE should want to harm any innocent person with information that can be used to smear that person unjustly.

Well guess what? That is EXACTLY what Democrats and Media members want released. They would love to impeach Donald Trump on salacious information.

That should not happen. If it does, that would severely harm the public confidence in the Rule of Law that our country was founded upon. At least for half of the country anyway. The other half, the lawless half, would love to turn our justice department into Mexico’s form of justice.

Since November 9th, 2016, the Democrat Party, The Media, and The Socialists/Communists in this country have used the instruments of government to target the opposition party and the elected President of the United States for harrassment and threats of imprisonments. THAT is completely unacceptable.

Given that history, it is clear that neither the Democrat party, nor the Media, will accept the results of this investigation any more than they accepted the results of the 2016 Presidential election.

So, to Believe or NOT to believe

Lets go back to what happened here. The was an extremely contentious Presidential election in 2015 and 2016.

The Clinton campaign hired a law firm named Perkins COIE who hired a research firm named Fusion GPS who hired a former British intelligence agent to dig up dirt on their opponent Donald Trump. They then shopped that information called a “dossier” to dozens of media outlets who then reached out to government officials like FBI Director James Comey, Senator John McCain (who also handed it to the FBI), State Department officials, Ambassadors, pundits and more, who ALL fed it into the FBI and CIA to hurt Donald Trump before and after the election. The FBI then used that information to secure highly classified warrants to spy on the Trump campaign. They also sent in “lures” or “confidential human sources” “spies” into the campaign to try to lure campaign officials into admitting they were linked to Russians to win the election. Then congress screeeeeched “collusion” “Russia, Russia, Russia” for almost three years. Started multiple investigations (3of them in Congress). Finally, the congress colluded with a fired FBI Director to accuse the new Attorney General Jeff Sessions of being a Russian spy causing him to recuse himself. They then leaked meeting memo’s between said fired FBI Director and the President of the United States to force the Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to appoint a Special Counsel to investigate the entire scam.

So, you might say, WHATS THE HARM?

  • Lives have been ruined – too many to list here, but see the opening of this post for examples
  • Foreign relations have been impacted. How many foreign governments treated Trump poorly because they figured he wasnt going to be around long.
  • Democrats likened Trumps collusion to “Pearl Harbor” and “9/11” – Russian relations were close to war
  • The Socialist Democrats have praised Trump failures and/or prayed for him to fail in negotiations with China, N. Korea, Mexico, Iran etc…
  • This country is nearer to civil war than any time since 1861. Civil discourse is frankly in the toilet. 50% of Americans believe Russia changed vote totals in the 2016 election. 50 damn %
  • President and this country have been decimated by leaks from our intelligence community. So bad that the President ran his own sting
Presidential Leak Hunting
Presidential Leak Hunting

So, what’s next?

There will be, in the coming year, a ton of investigations and indictments against those who perpetrated this scam with illegal actions. See the attached article for a breakdown of SPYGATE (Watergate x1000)

There is an investigation already under way, for over a year, by Department of Justice Office of Inspector General Michael Horowitz and Utah US Attorney John Huber in assist, to identify misuse of government tools to illegally target people on the Trump campaign like Carter Page. That is going to ge rolling out soon. Leaks of classified information (Hillary Clinton notwithstanding) is illegal. This may be the hardest thing our government may be ever endure – it is not clear if our country will survive the prosecutions.

The Mueller investigation is over, but will the country accept the results? I will finish this up with visual representations of my answer to this question and further future events!

yep …True
yep…also True
You’re Next Lady
Final Outcome – Yes

Addendum: A lot of things happened today

  • Trump recognized Israel’s control over the Golan Heights where Syria has let Hezbollah attack Israel from
  • This report on Muellers investigation dropped
  • Trump signed an executive order yesterday requiring universities to ensure the right to free speech on campuses
  • The border with Mexico is at a breaking point. In the first 3 months of 2019, we have apprehended more people sneaking into our country than we deployed to Saudi Arabia to free Kuwait in 1990/1991 (and that’s just the ones we catch)