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Thought Exercise 1

Calling ALL reasonable Americans:

I really did not want to get political on this blog, but we are living in consequential times. A duly elected Presidency is at stake. The people voted Donald Trump into office in the face of overwhelming Democrat advantage in both electoral college and popular vote expectations. They were accusing Trump of colluding with Russians, sexual abuse, and claims of Racism, and he STILL won. To be fair, Clinton was constantly hit with corruption charges and surprise FBI statements confirming she was under investigation.

It appears the FBI had some senior people falsifying evidence in the Michael Flynn case by asking agents to change their 302 report of interview forms, having affairs leading to text message between lovers confirming they were going to clear Hillary Clinton regardless of evidence, and using Clinton paid for opposition research to obtain FISA warrants to weaponize the assets of the federal government against their political opposition leading to a special counsel to investigate the incoming President. These are facts not in dispute by anyone. But, the Democrat party, socialist individual citizens, and the Main Stream Media are doubling down on their attacks to stage what is essentially a Coup to overthrow the government.

In other news:

Historic tax reform was enacted in December 2017. Not a single Democrat voted AYE! Democrats actually said on live television “People are going to Die because of tax reform”.  Millions of average Americans received bonuses and pay raises. If Democrats lied to you about tax relief, what else are they lying to you about? Check your paystubs!

If Dems support Chelsea Manning leaking but now claim Americans cant know of FBI malfeasance then…?

If DOJ/FBI have bad actors at the top, can you trust them to tell you the truth about anything?

If Trump uses FISA process to spy on his opponents in the next election, is that ok with you? If not, why was it ok for Obama to do?

Is it ok if the cops use false information to convict you of a speeding violation? If not, is it ok for the FBI to use false information to try to impeach a PRESIDENT?

Read this story and ask yourself one question: If this was Trump, what would you think? Article #1

Read this story and ask yourself one question: If this was Trump, what would you think? Article #2

Read this story and ask yourself one question: If this was Trump, what would you think? Article #3

Read this story and ask yourself one question: If this was Trump, what would you think? Article #4

The main story this week is the pending release of “The Memo” detailing FBI malfeasance in Office. The people rose up demanding this summary of FACTS obtained from FBI evidence be released. The FBI and Democrats are literally panicking. Both have fought public release of this information to the point of outright hysteria. FBI slow walked, hindered, obstructed, and refused release of information to the United States Congress who has legal and MORAL oversight responsibilities over them. When the FBI are warning not to release info they had to be subpoenaed for, its time to ASK QUESTIONS!

Finally, why are democrats so frantic right now? Think Watergate. Watch this youtube video of Nancy Pelosi (Former Speaker of the US House of Representatives and current minority leader) with CNN anchor Chris Cuomo. Does she seem to have it all together? If not, ask yourself WHY!

Listen folks, I care about the FBI & DOJ, but when do we put our country first? We can have a country without the FBI but if we keep the FBI and lose the country, then what’s the point!

Reread my blog post on January 31 2018 for more information on the backstory. This is Crucial!

Our Republic dies in darkness!


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  1. Joanna Aaron

    Keep up the good work of making sense of senseless government!!

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