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Friday the 13th 2018 – WOW

Friday the 13th is usually a bad omen. For President Donald Trump, it was an intense day. He brought fear to a lot of terrible people today.

First: Syria. On April 4th 2018, Bashar Assad, Syrian dictator, used chemical weapons against his own people AGAIN. Trump sent cruise missiles against his bases in 2017. Well, he attacked Syria again today.

Trump address on Syria HERE

Nato Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg statementon Syria HERE

French President Emmanuel Macron statement on Syria “Dozens of men, women and children were massacred using chemical weapons in Douma on Saturday, 7 April.  The red line has been crossed. I have therefore ordered the French armed forces to intervene.”

So Trump isn’t starting World War III all by himself.

Syria says “BREAKING: Pro-Assad official says around 30 missiles fired at Syria during attack, a third were shot down; government assessing damage – Reuters”

In fact, US, France, and the UK used both Missiles and Bombers with escorting fighter aircraft on this raid. NONE were intercepted by Syria according to Secretary of Defense Jim Maddog Mattis. No ground troops were involved.

Goals of the attack according to U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Joseph Dunford:
—Target Areas—
•Scientific research center near Damascus
•Chem weapons storage facility near Homs
•Storage facility, command post in same area
picked for significance to the chem weapons program & mitigated risk of collateral damage/civilian casualties

Russian statement “#BREAKING: Russian Ambassador to U.S. on Syria strikes: “The worst apprehensions have come true…We warned that such actions will not be left without consequences.” See picture

Actually, LOL. ‘Fightin’ words’ – Except of course, the Russians got out of dodge as soon as the US Navy showed up, some 4-5 days ago. They’ll do nothing. If they try, however, indeed they will learn that actions have consequences. For them!

Here is a great piece on Russian ability to respond. YES You SHOULD be laughing at them!

Bashar Assad: That face you make when you realize the air defense system you spent a fortune on was just a bunch of stereo parts attached to a Sega console










Domestic Politics
DOJ/FBI Inspector General report on Andrew McCabe – HERE (35 pages long, summaries in below articles)

For the details, See THIS article:
and THIS article and THIS article.

Raid on Trump personal attorney Michael Cohen this week was a very big deal. The truth is, it was done by the NY FBI field office and not by Robert Mueller who is investigating Trump Russia collusion. This shows it has nothing to do with targeting President Trump.

Summary this week:
1) In less than 24 hours we have had:
*The IG report on McCabe shows he was the criminal we all knew he was
*Announcement that there are at least TWO other IG reports coming
* the US forced Syria’s Assad to flee to Iran with a few cruise missiles and no civilian casualties
* Attacked Syria after telling Russia to flee
* launched a global war against pedophiles by shutting down and charging owners of “Backpage” website used for sex trafficking.
*began a massive overhaul of welfare requiring work for benefits
***And just to tweak the democrat dummies, the President pardoned Scooter Libby.

In other news you aren’t seeing on Television, Iran is STILL facing massive internal regime change activity. Read THIS take on events:

In short, Democrats are facing 2018 mid term election woes, FBI & DOJ are cleaning house of corruption, Syria just got smacked hard, Clinton is in trouble, Russia ran away from Trumps Syria attacks, Iran is collapsing, North Korea is negotiating, China caved on Trumps tariff demands, and Americans are facing 4% GDP growth this year in our smoking hot economy. Life is getting better every day!

Scandal Bigger Than Watergate?

Folks, The United States is in a full blown crisis!

The events leading up to the resignation of President Richard M. Nixon pale in comparison to the events currently under way in this country today.

Nixon was accused of covering up the break-in by Republican operatives into the Democratic National Committe offices in the Watergate Hotel in Washington DC to obtain damaging political data to be used against the Democrats in elections.

In other words, obtaining “opposition research” information illegally.

These actions RIGHTFULLY took down a sitting President of the United States and led to decades of republican shame and political defeats.

Today, we are living the Democrat party’s version of Watergate on steroids.

In summary, it is alleged the Obama administration WEAPONIZED American law enforcement and intelligence community (NSA, DOJ, and FBI) GOVERNMENT assets to prevent Donald J. Trump’s aspirations to become the 45th President of the United States and if somehow elected, to REMOVE him from office in what most countries label a COUP D’ETAT/overthrow of a legitimate government.

Apparently, Admiral Mike Rodgers Director of the National Security Agency (NSA) discovered the irregular spying on American citizens by the Obama administration in late 2015 and had all but stopped it in early 2016. (See previous blog entries HERE and HERE for more information).

The actions of Admiral Rodgers forced the Obama Administration to seek new ways to obtain surveillance in the future, and cover up previous surveillance obtained inappropriately which could be easily proven if the FBI, DOJ, and NSA would release the NSA IG report showing logs of what information was accessed, by whom, and when.Alas, these agencies are fighting every step of the way to prevent public and congressional oversight. (Remember, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court admonished the administration for abuses in their 99 page court ruling). Link.

How? By obtaining authorization to LEGALLY surveille Donal Trump’s campaign.

FBI agents allegedly worked with a man named Carter Page in 2015 to bring down a Russian spy ring in the U.S. They were successful. In 2016 Page was inserting himself into the Trump campaign as a low level staffer. It is not clear if he was ordered to do so (he vehemently claims he was a patsy) or was an unwitting “useful idiot” as the Russians called him. In mid 2016, Page was used by the Obama admin to seek out a FISA warrant against the Trump campaign. That request was turned down. Carter Page denies he worked with the FBI, and may be under a Non Disclosure Agreement. See this article for background. Page has testified to congress with no lawyer present and is willing to go on television without legal representation. This suggests he is confident in his claim of innocence.

What to do? The Obama team began working with a British MI6 spy/Agent named Christopher Steele to obtain damaging Russian intelligence on Page and Trump. He was hired by a company named Fusion GPS, who was hired by the Democratic National Committee through a law firm named Perkins Coie. (Fusion GPS is a well known opposition research company who was also hired by Republicans during the 2016 primaries to dig up information on other candidates).

Steele was fed information by his “sources” in Russia resulting in a “dossier” containing unverified and salacious claims of compromising dirt on Donald Trump. (Sitting FBI Director James Comey testified under oath that the dossier was salacious and unverified). I will not link to the dossier in this post because it is disgusting, find it yourself if you want it!

Steele was also allegedly being fed information by members of the Hillary Clinton campaign through contacts at the State Department.

Steele was also feeding this information to news organizations like YAHOO News. Steele was sued in British courts by a Russian over the dossier and admitted in court that he not only was the source of this article, but that the dossier was not verified. He has since skipped out on testifying further in Britain. This Reuters story explains his reasoning.

Steele was also feeding this information to FBI agents directly and allegedly being paid by the FBI to do so, on the condition that he not talk to the press. An agreement he broke.

Steele was also likely feeding this information to the FBI through a back door contact at the FBI named Bruce Ohr whose wife worked for Fusion GPS.

The result? The FBI dressed this dossier up into a legitimate intelligence community report, combined it with information on Carter Page, and another fellow named George Popadopolis (whom I contend might have worked undercover for the FBI and Hillary Clinton in the past), and took it to the FISA court in October 2016 to obtain a warrant SUCCESSFULLY to spy on Donald Trumps team.

– Text messages between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page contain information on a “George” being “handled” by Disgraced FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe who was recently let go for allegedly falsifying official 302 reports of interviews. Strzok wonders if McCabe is going to delegate George to be handled by someone else (maybe to Strzok?).

Text Message

The FBI also used the Yahoo news artical as corroboration of Steele’s information in their FISA request, even though Steele was the SOURCE of the article itself. Circular Reasoning at it’s best.

SUCCESS: This warrant allowed Obama admin to obtain intelligence information both past and future from the NSA. Nicely covering their tracks for accessing information, and unmasking US citizen names and other protected data, apparently before they had the legal authority to do so.

As I wrote in previous blog entries (linked above), DOJ IG Horowitz found out about Strzok/Page affair through their involvement in the Clinton Email scandal. The lovers allegedly worked with Clinton, McCabe, Comey, Baker, Lynch and others to rig the investigation to ensure no charges would be brought.


Was Strzok PAID for his MYE (code name for Clinton Email Investigation)?



So Trump won, what’s next? Impeachment!

Acting Attorney General for Russia investigation Rod Rosenstein (put in place because AG Jeff Sessions recused himself from anything related to Russia) wrote a letter to President Trump recommending FBI Director James Comey be fired. He appointed a “Special Counsel” Robert Mueller the day after Comey’s firing.

Robert Mueller is investigating President Trump and has yet to announce any “crimes of collusion” but has gotten a couple of guilty pleas on process crimes where people have lied to the FBI. National Security Advisor General Michael Flynn for example. One of the people whom Strzok and McCabe are accused by some in the media of altering interview reports (302 forms). His sentencing has been placed on hold for up to 90 days by Mueller and the new judge in Flynn’s case. (Interesting note, the original judge on Flynn’s case recently recused himself as he was allegedly the judge who issued the FISA warrant in October 2016). Link to story on recusal.

Do YOU believe in coincidences?

Special Counsel Robert Mueller was the Director of the FBI immediately preceding James Comey. It is said Comey and Mueller are good friends. This would seem to disqualify him from being the SC. So far he has shown no inclination to step down.

Former FBI Director Mueller was in charge during the sale of U.S. Uranium mining assets to a Canadian company bought out by a Russian company. Mueller sat on the Council on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) board whose responsibility to protect U.S. interests is paramount. During this transaction, an informant named Douglass Campbell allegedly worked undercover to document and track bribery and other illicit activities by Russian companies involved in the transaction. Campbell testified on Capitol Hill on February 7th 2018 that millions of dollars were paid in “pay to play” schemes with Hillary Clinton’s family foundation. Mueller may or may not have known of this informant’s activities and his being directed by the FBI under his leadership, but the fact that Campbell was placed on a GAG order by the DOJ (Informant use and gag orders seem to come up a lot in this scandal don’t they?)  seems to corroborate his story. Link to Uranium One story  Given this connection, should Muelker recuse himself from the Special Counsel role? Given the connection between Clinton and Mueller, and potential CFIUS/FBI malfeasance, it sure appears to present a conflict. Especially if proven corruption exists in the Uranium One CFIUS decision.

Do YOU believe in coincidences?

Mueller may be running against the clock. Pursue collusion (which has been debunked thoroughly by the Congressional FISA memo) and obstruction of justice charges against Donald Trump before the special counsel appointment is revoked, or fairly investigate the Russia collusion allegations against the FBI, DOJ, Clinton campaign, and Obama administration. At this pount, we have no idea what Mueller is doing, but he is pursuing an interview with Donald Trump.

The apparently corrupt Peter Strzok apparently believes he knows where SC Mueller’s loyalties rest:


IS Mueller a Dirty Cop?

One final point. A Russian lawyer named Natalia Veselnitskaya seems to be another aspect in this scandal. Apparently, a meeting was set up with Donald Trump Jr. during the election where Veselnitskaya offered to bring dirt on Hillary Clinton and is being used by the media as proof of “collusion” with Russia. It appears DOJ had refused her an entry visa, but was overridden by the State Department while the State Department was allegedly feeding Christopher Steele information. Another coincidence?


In the end, Nixon was brought down by a dogged press, who unquestioningly sided with the liberal ideology against a Republican administration. Thus, they are wholly uninterested in telling this story fairly. See a geat article by Mollie Hemingway about media disinterest in the greatest story in decades. Federalist story

It is fair to say we are living in consequential times. There is no way to know how this will end up. A constitutional crisis is all but assured, and the 2018 midterm elections will be a crucial deciding factor in whether President Trump remains in office. Either way, 50%+ will be upset with the outcome.


(any conclusions are my opinion only)


Thought Exercise 1

Calling ALL reasonable Americans:

I really did not want to get political on this blog, but we are living in consequential times. A duly elected Presidency is at stake. The people voted Donald Trump into office in the face of overwhelming Democrat advantage in both electoral college and popular vote expectations. They were accusing Trump of colluding with Russians, sexual abuse, and claims of Racism, and he STILL won. To be fair, Clinton was constantly hit with corruption charges and surprise FBI statements confirming she was under investigation.

It appears the FBI had some senior people falsifying evidence in the Michael Flynn case by asking agents to change their 302 report of interview forms, having affairs leading to text message between lovers confirming they were going to clear Hillary Clinton regardless of evidence, and using Clinton paid for opposition research to obtain FISA warrants to weaponize the assets of the federal government against their political opposition leading to a special counsel to investigate the incoming President. These are facts not in dispute by anyone. But, the Democrat party, socialist individual citizens, and the Main Stream Media are doubling down on their attacks to stage what is essentially a Coup to overthrow the government.

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Trump Mind Screw

Man, I think Trump is about to totally burn some corrupt individuals at DOJ/FBI, congress, and Obama admin.

Think if house is broken into and cops show up it makes sense, but if cops show up then house is broken into, we have a problem!

I think the intel community has been so corrupt that Military Intelligence (these people live a code of honor) and NSA know the whole story and are working with Trump to fix it.

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