We spent a night (Monday) at our dealership in Frederick Colorado for free with power and a dump station. Moved Tuesday to the FE Warren Air Force base in Cheyenne Wyoming. 10.00 for 50amp power. Filled up our water tank too.

Drove to Rock Springs Wyoming today. About 250 miles and pulled into Walmart. Wife went shopping and I checked on the toad. Smelled Diesel fuel and crawled under the rig. Nice big leak!

I googled a cummins shop here in Rock Springs and drove it over. Their team jumped me to front of line and the mechanic was looking at the rig in 30 minutes. Wow!

Have a broken fuel line between vp44 pump and lift pump. Parts on order and they are going to try to get it done tomorrow (Thursday). Mean time, they let me stay on their lot in the rig! Can’t say more about these guys than WOW! More tomorrow on that!

Tested my Air Force one beak away switch before towing today! It wasn’t working. Called SMI who helped me figure out operator error during install. Got that fixed in 10 minutes and towed the toad to Rock Springs with no issue other than fuel all over the car from my fuel leak!

saving grace is that I didn’t try to push on to Idaho with a slight leak that could have destroyed my VP44 injector/pump system and leave me stranded on side of the road! Estimate: 600.00

Fun fun!