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Travel Chronicles

The Travel Chronicle pages are dedicated to articles based on the initials “RV” as a theme.

Why is this significant? I picked the name RV-Writer for my website for this reason. It allows a lot of options for writing, and provides structure. RV can stand for many things – Some are below.

The RV Theme is a Categorization of reviews utilizing RV keywords such as:

Retail Venues: This category will showcase every day establishments. Grocery stores, fast food restaurants, repair shops, and the like.

Rear View: Post visit reviews utilizing 20/20 hindsight to provide readers information on the quality of service, physical location and amenities, and all other aspects of an operation serving the public.

Return Visit: This category will focus on re-evaluating businesses and venues originally showcased in Rear View articles to gauge consistency, improvement, or new offerings, and will serve as an opportunity for the establishment to provide feedback on the experience.

Retired Veteran: This category will focus on Military Veterans. Veterans Affairs Administration, VA medical Treatment, VA Benefits and the like.

Recreational Vehicles: Yes this will be a category. I will be showcasing dealerships, travelogues, RV Lifestyle, and RV Amenities. Anything and everything to do with the Full Time RVer’s journey.

Reader Value: I am first and foremost a writer. That means I am also a reader. I read everything I can get my hands on. In this category, I will review anything and everything I read. EBooks, Novels, Fiction, Authors Websites, Brochures, Flyers, Newspapers, Magazines, etc… My goal will be to present the information from the standpoint of a consumer.

As you can see, the RV categorization theme has many possibilities and a new theme will be presented monthly.

It is the goal of RV-Writer.com to provide readers with the information needed to make good decisions for their patronage. We will showcase an establishment, document our experience, rate the establishment using a consistent and fair criteria, and provide notification to the establishment of the review.

A Return Visit may be possible should the opportunity arise and the circumstances warrant.

You might be asking “What qualifications does this guy have that gives him the right to review anyone or anything?”

That is really the meat of the argument. Sure, go for the jugular already!

Well, in response, I would just say that I am a consumer. I know when I’ve had a good or bad experience. I know when something offered has value to ME, and I know that others will benefit from the reviews I provide.

Sometimes even the topic of the review will gain some benefit. After all, no organization or establishment is perfect. I will provide information that, it is my hope, will be useful for the article subject to improve in areas that need improvement, and continue practices or offerings that consumers enjoy.

Establishment feedback is welcome – All feedback will be used to correct the record, sustain the record, or trigger a return Visit. As an author, still growing in my trade, I too will take feedback on style and process/metrics to help improve the information provided.

Finally, I want to explain for both my readers, and the businesses under review, that my reviews will all have some sort of fictional story behind them. The actual review based on criteria/metrics will be presented at the bottom of each entry. Negative reviews will have more of an explanation in the summary, but I will try to tell the story with context so the reader can understand what is being experienced. If you or your business would like a full review with no-nonsense attached, please contact me and I will be happy to provide!

Thank You for reading – I hope to earn your trust and continued patronage.

Johnny McDunn