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Congratulations Son

Good evening everyone!

Yesterday afternoon (17 May 2017 2:00pm Mountain Time) my son graduated from Highlands Ranch High School in Colorado. The ceremony was held at Red Rocks Ampitheater in Golden Colorado. The ceremony was both dignified and entertaining.

The principal gave a speech that was entertaining and full of life lessons. Mainly – “Life isn’t always what you expect!” He explained that his life had certain preconceived notions that didn’t really pan out. Expect bumps in the road, but aim very high!

Great words to live by.

My son graduated with Honors and several academic letters. He is on his way to Boise State University in August 2017 to pursue a degree in Computer Science with an emphasis in cyber security. Technology does run in the family as my father was a radio operator in World War-II and had a career in electronics that spanned decades. I have also been involved with network management and telecommunications over the last 28 years and recently left a position with a major communications company to pursue my dream to travel and write.

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First Official Tourist Destination

May 14 2017

While staying at the US Air Force RV Family Camp, Marci and I took the opportunity to visit the academy visitor center on base.

The history of the academy is deep and full of tradition.

From Wikipedia:

The United States Air Force Academy (also known as USAFA, the Air Force Academy, or the Academy), is a military academy for officer cadets of the United States Air Force. Its campus is located in the western United States in Colorado, immediately north of Colorado Springs in El Paso County.

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Day 2 – May 13 2017

Day 2 – Money Disappearance Act

Lots of gas being burned as my son needed to be in Denver for a graduation party. Took the opportunity to buy some stuff from goodwill (cushions to sit on at the concrete picnic table) and do some grocery shopping. Also bought a new PEX crimp tool. No more water leaks.

Since this is a new to us rig we had to figure out the water system and react to a pyramiding issue since the facilities had been used by a couple of members of our party (DW & Son specifically) without adequate water.

All of that is on its way to being solved. Had to figure out to bypass the water pump when using city water connection. Dumped tanks for first time. I now know I need to get a stinky slinky LOL

Spent 400.00 on stuff today. Not fun! But necessary (at least that is what I told DW)

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Day 1 – May 12 2017

Well, since July 2016 I have been researching, planning, selling, buying, and in every way being a pain in the neck to my wife.

We moved out of our rental house yesterday, stayed in a hotel last night, and moved into the RV tonight.

We are Colorado bound until our car is repaired from an accident last week (bummer) and the kid is graduating High School next Wednesday.

Free at last, free at last, free at last!

It has been one heck of a year. But I prefer to remember only the last 24 hours and forward!

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Finally Back To Blogging

Hello everyone,

As you can tell, I haven’t been updating the blog for the last few months. Here’s why:

I left my job in July 2016 and started doing some writing. My lifelong dream. Then life got in the way!

1. Daughter was married on September 3rd, 2016 – I drove from Denver to Idaho with a load of furniture as gifts.

2. Returned and began downsizing the personal belongings in anticipation of buying an older Motorhome to live in. This included cleaning our rental home, selling or giving away a ton of useless stuff, and driving my wife and son crazy with my intensity. Resistance was prevalent but ultimately futile!

3. Started the RV search in September and found several we liked. Inspections deleted most of them because our price range just didn’t support paying $70,000 for a rig that needed a ton of work. In October of 2016, we had just left Century RV in Frederick Colorado after experiencing a very dishonest salesman and GM. They had a Dutch Star Diesel Pusher for $79,000. I checked their Craigslist ad’s and found they had it advertised for $65,000 and I called them on it. For some reason they became indignant and rude.

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