Evening folks!

Yesterday, March 16, 2018 was a good day.

Former Deputy Director of the FBI has been terminated by Attorney General Jeff Sessions after the Office of the DOJ Inspector General and Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) recommended it. Seems he was not honest in his testimony when questioned.

That is a firing offense. He may have committed crimes. In fact, his office and the Special Council Robert Mueller has charged General Michael Flynn with doing the exact same thingg.

In fact, it has been reported on the internet that McCabe may have had a role in changing form 302’s (Interview reports) submitted by agents who interviewed General Flynn. If that is the case, those changes led to the General losing his home, his retirement, and possibly his freedom.

So don’t mind me if I say TOO DAMN BAD McCabe. Reap what you sew.

He also is a vindictive SOB who treated a female Special Agent badly when she reported to the EEO about abuse at the FBI.

See this story by Robyn Gritz, the SSA who was ruined by McCabe.

Liberals, Socialists, and the media are going WILD over this firing.

Now, read THIS story that will explain how we got here!

Liberal reaction? Ugh, look at these!

This is from the former CIA Director and UN Ambassador under Obama! Think about the power these people held. Does it seem a stretch to believe they are capable of trying to use their power to frame our President with a bogus Russia collusion crime?

How about these?

Trump weigh’s in. Here is another American hero from Benghazi who has a good slam on McCabe:

McCabe was a slime who destroyed lives and now whines about his loss. Read this meme, it shows he may be in some trouble!

WHOOPS, looks like he may have implicated his friend and former Scumbag Director of the FBI James Comey in perjury.

Now, I’m not going to link to McCabes statement after he was fired. Full of whining and bloviating on how honorable he is. PUKE!

Here is a cool meme explaining why this is big news, and why I am sure indictments are coming for Clinton, Comey, Obama, and others:

Now, on to some other amazing news. If you plan to visit London any time in your life, keep your THOUGHTS to yourself, oh, wait, you cant think without being in trouble now. Read THIS

From the Met Police website. Read it. Then read it again. And again. And again.

You may not have committed a criminal offence. But if we don’t like what was in your head, we can still make you a criminal.

This isn’t ‘hate crime’. This is thought-crime.

Now THAT is a hopeful man!

Good night all. Trump’s got this!