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Q: Why did you choose the name RV-Writer?

A: RV is used as a possible source of categories. Most people see those initials and think Recreational Vehicle. Well, that is one area that will be a category of my writing. But think of the possibilities, think of the combination of words you can come up with using the initials RV. There’s Retail Venue, Reader Value, Retired Veteran, Relaxing Visits,Random Views, Road Vacations etc… The possibilities are endless.

Let me know if you have one that piques your interest!

Q: What is your writing focus? What is the point? Do you have a niche or are you just winging it?

A: Well of course I’m wingin it, what’s the problem?

Honestly, my focus is on Creative Fiction. I started looking at Travel Writing while in college. It’s just as boring as college was! My angle, or niche if you will, is not on flowery language but on fun. After all, why do we travel or go out? To have fun! Yet, that doesn’t normally apply when going to the hardware store – But it should! That’s my niche. Turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

For example, would you rather see this:

I entered the restaurant and was assaulted by a thousand different aromas wafting from the kitchen, and an atmosphere suggesting an intellectual ambiance rarely found in the suburbs of Denver. Even with the relaxed attire and boisterous conversation, the atmosphere had great potential for growth.

or this:

The greeter glanced up to spot me heading his way with a gaggle of friends. I’ve been here before, and loved the food and feel of the place, but it could use a little excitement – thus my friends. This is the clampets moving to Beverly Hills excitement I’m talking about. I waived the guy off, and my friends through the door, and spotted an open table close to the bar. Right where we wanted to be. Pretty busy place, but not so busy a person can’t snuggle up for some fun and conversation.

Option 1 is just fine, but snoozer! Option 2 – well it gives the same information, but might bring more clientele throug the door. I don’t know about you, but classy doesn’t have to mean exclusionary.

I can do both – your choice!

Q: Who is going to read your stories?

A: Maybe no one, but it wouldn’t hurt to have it added to the menu for a little conversation piece now would it? A little free advertising can’t go wrong.

Q: Can I hire you to do a piece on my establishment.

A: Sure! These aren’t puff pieces though. Literary license belongs to the writer. It will include the good, the bad, and the ugly. I will also retain the rights to publish in other venues, even if the establishment under review does not use the material. But it will be a fair piece with the good being stressed (unless it was all bad). Everyone, even businesses, have a bad day. Any negative review pieces will likely have a Return Visit piece to emphasize changes or improvements, or to solidify the initial review. The business owner has the right to use the material how they see fit, even throw it away, but all publication must have the accompanying copyright and credit the authors website. You cannot hire me to do hit pieces on your competition!

Q: Where will you go next?

A: All options are on the table. I could do a piece on Sonic, since I ate there last night. Any establishment that grab’s my interest. I do plan to hit major attractions in the cities I am visiting. One of my dreams is to have a state by state review, with individual cities listed, and the establishments I patronized in each city.  Until that is a reality, I’ll use the Retail Venue category and menu drop down under Chronicles.

Q: Where can I sign up for your Blog?

A: Please fill out the form on the right side of this page to begin the sign-up process – Thank you for your interest!