Good evening everyone!

Yesterday afternoon (17 May 2017 2:00pm Mountain Time) my son graduated from Highlands Ranch High School in Colorado. The ceremony was held at Red Rocks Ampitheater in Golden Colorado. The ceremony was both dignified and entertaining.

The principal gave a speech that was entertaining and full of life lessons. Mainly – “Life isn’t always what you expect!” He explained that his life had certain preconceived notions that didn’t really pan out. Expect bumps in the road, but aim very high!

Great words to live by.

My son graduated with Honors and several academic letters. He is on his way to Boise State University in August 2017 to pursue a degree in Computer Science with an emphasis in cyber security. Technology does run in the family as my father was a radio operator in World War-II and had a career in electronics that spanned decades. I have also been involved with network management and telecommunications over the last 28 years and recently left a position with a major communications company to pursue my dream to travel and write.

My son is excited and apprehensive about college, but I know he will succeed at anything he desires to accomplish. He is an awesome young man with an incredibly bright future ahead of him. His mother and I are very proud and can’t wait to see how he makes his mark on the larger world.

A couple of pictures of the Red Rocks facility are included here. It is such a beautiful place, but be prepared to do some hill climbing to get to the Amphitheater.

An honorable mention goes to the HRHS Football team who escorted (and in many cases pushed) wheelchairs up hill to allow less abled the chance to view the ceremony! Great job team!

Crowd building

Omnitron view

Full crowd

Large facility – extremely full by start of ceremony

Crowd view

We were supposed to depart Denver the next day for Idaho, but Denver has a major snow storm this week. Roads into Cheyenne Wyoming towards Idaho are closed due to ice and snow. So we are stuck in a hotel with our family pending a weather change. Hopefully Saturday will be the day.

On a positive note, our car has been fully repaired after the accident during our last snow storm 3 weeks ago! We will pick it up on Friday May 19 2017 – Woohoo!

Our RV is currently parked at Buckly Air Force base pending departure. I will do a campground review in the next few days.

Thank you all for reading and have a wonderful safe day!

Jim aka RV-Writer