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Product Review – BugsN’All

Hi all,

Today I wanted to share with you a product review.

BugsN’All – Multi-use Vehicle Cleaner

I purchased this product on July 18th 2017 to help me resolve a pesky bug problem on my vehicles, but hadn’t had a chance to give it a try until today.

Product name: BugsN’All – Multi-use Vehicle Cleaner
Amazon Product Link:

Description: BugsN’All – Professional Strength Multi Surface Vehicle Cleaner. 4oz Concentrate makes 2 quarts. Includes an Empty 1 Qt. Spray bottle – safe on wax, clear coat, paint, decals and on all surfaces.
Sold by: Procelle (Amazon seller)
Manufacturer Website: www.bugsnall.com
Cost: $17.99 including shipping

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Internet Options

Hello all,

If you are like me, internet service is crucial for happiness!

Since I worked in the Telecommunications field for 25 plus years and understand the complexities of network buildout, customer service, and service reliability, I was aware that Verizon really does have the largest footprint for a cellular network in the country. For that reason alone, I have been a Verizon customer for cell phone / internet service for years, and am paying their exorbitant prices for the pleasure.

In a case of “do as I say, not as I do” I’ve spent years telling my business customers that having a single provider and connection for their mission critical online presence is inviting disaster into their lives, but I never felt my needs justified the expense – until now!

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Air Force Academy Campground Review

Military Famcamp Park Review: US Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, Colorado

As many of you know, we recently moved from Colorado to Idaho in our 1998 Holiday Rambler Class A Diesel Pusher RV. We rented a place for our home base in Idaho Falls, Idaho where our son currently lives as he is still under age. But, we also took a nursing contract position in Mountain Home Idaho for 13 weeks. Unfortunately for us, that means paying rent on two separate locations until our son goes off to college. We chose to keep a location in Idaho because Idaho is a “Compact” state for Nursing Licensure. There were other places we could have chosen to limit our tax situation but we decided we would rather have a stable home base for the next few years while we figure out what we are going to do with our lives.

Thankfully, every journey begins with a single step! In our case, that step was taking our RV out on a maiden voyage for a few days while we vacate our Denver rental home and attend our son’s High School Graduation. My plan was NOT to do blog entries showing normal “camping” type activities but after our first stay we decided to document our travels (trials and tribulations?) for all to see and maybe learn from. It is now July and our journey started in mid May 2017.

Below is our first campground review (yes – I have a few more to do to get caught up).

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Sucky Day Kinda

We spent a night (Monday) at our dealership in Frederick Colorado for free with power and a dump station. Moved Tuesday to the FE Warren Air Force base in Cheyenne Wyoming. 10.00 for 50amp power. Filled up our water tank too.

Drove to Rock Springs Wyoming today. About 250 miles and pulled into Walmart. Wife went shopping and I checked on the toad. Smelled Diesel fuel and crawled under the rig. Nice big leak!

I googled a cummins shop here in Rock Springs and drove it over. Their team jumped me to front of line and the mechanic was looking at the rig in 30 minutes. Wow!

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What A Week

What a week!

Kid graduated High School on Wednesday and a late winter storm tore through Colorado and Wyoming area. Kept my In-laws from leaving Thursday. 2 hotel rooms for 2 nights extra down the drain!

Good note – my toad was released from the shop Friday morning ready to go. The driver of the car that hit us is claiming there was a 3rd car that hit him first and fled the scene. Liars really annoy me! I am out 1000.00 on this accident because the cops believed him and wrote it in the police report without checking with any other drivers to see if it was accurate. Oh well – wish USAA would fight for us like AAA is fighting for their client!

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