This country is a mess right now!.

Last week, Donald Trump Jr.’s wife received an envelope in the mail containing a suspicious white powder. It appears she and the children ingested some of this powder when the envelope was opened and were taken to the hospital. The Secret Service is calling the substance harmless. I contend the “Harm” was intended to terrorize Donald Trump, and the American people, and was successful. Many fear attempts on the President’s life. His family is understandably shaken, and I am disgusted with the Liberal Loony Leftist Socialists in this world. If you want to see what these disgusting people said about this attack on the President’s Family here are a few pics from Twitter.

Folks, this is the Modern Day Democrat Party. Today! 2018!

DOES THIS Seem like a loving party to you?


Why would anyone, ever, support these pigs in the Democrat Party?

I contend, that after the entire scandal comes out, there won’t BE a Democrat Party. It is going to be that damaging. It’s why they’re fighting so hard.

It may lead to: Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Susan Rice and even President Obama, being indicted (AMONG MANY OTHERS)!

Here’s to hoping that is what happens.

Ok, Moving on!

  • Here is a link to the Corrupt FBI Agent Peter Strzok and FBI Lawyer Lisa Page text messages. Remember, lovers are more likely than not to share TRUTHFUL statements because they are in a conspiracy to begin with. Why not add another – like engaging in an investigation “leading to impeachment?”
  • Here is the much anticipated Devyn Nunes Republican memo detailing the Obama Administrations efforts to spy on Donal Trump – ILLEGALLY!
  • Here is the follow up letter from Senators Chuck Grassley and Lyndsay Graham which fully confirms the Nunes memo and refers the case to the Department of Justice to investigate and charge the disgusting Dossier author, and former British Spy, Christopher Steele with perjury.

Democrat Adam Schiff (you will read some more about him below) went BERZERK when the Nunes memo was released. He demanded to write a Democrat memo and he did.

He knows there is nothing to dispute in the Nunes memo, so he fabricated a bunch of crap, including confidential sources and methods of intelligence collection activities he knew the FBI/DOJ would not allow him to release. He then sent it to President Trump for release, knowing full well the President wouldn’t release it because of all the sources and methods!

His Goal? To claim Trump was hiding things.

Shiffy little jerk Congressman Schiff, ain’t he?

His memo was finally released on SATURDAY (trying to hide it?) February 24th 2018. Here is a link to that document.

Here is a great article explaining how the Democratic Memo hurts the Democrats, not Trump. Great read!

Now, here is the point of my post today.


Proof? You want PROOF? OK you asked for it:

  • Senator Mark Warner, a Democrat, was engaged in attempts to bring the Former British Spy, Christopher Steele, to the United States to testify to congress. He did so by contacting a lobbyist with ties to RUSSIAN OLIGARCHS.IN 2017 – AFTER THE ELECTION – AFTER TRUMP WAS SWORN IN.

Why reach out to Russians to get in contact with British spies? Read these text messages. They would be hilarious if not so deadly in their subversive and treasonous goals. These people are colluding with Russians to try to get proof that Donald Trump is colluding with Russians. You can’t make this stuff up people!

  • Congressman Adam Schiff, the squirrily little Democrat who wrote the democrat memo above, was PUNKED by two Ukrainian Radio Station hoaxsters (they have pranked John McCain and many others). Rep. Schiff is the dirtbag who has been trying to keep Americans from learning of the Obama admin spying scandal, going so far as to go to court to prevent congress from getting bank records from the law firm Perkin’s Coie and Opposition Research firm Fusion GPS, who hired the dirty British Agent they are trying to contact and set up his ability to give more lies about Trump. Amazing. This is the HILARIOUS YOUTUBE video showing Rep. Schiff’s pranked ass going along. FYI: Schiff THOUGHT these were REAL Russians with dirt on President Trump, so the fact that they were not, doesn’t matter people! He is doing exactly what they are accusing President Trump of doing, what we have a special council INVESTIGATING President Trump for doing! Let that sink in a second!


Want MORE? Ok – As if the above wasn’t bad enough, we get things like this from the media:

Here are some of the latest news articles.

  • US Intelligence Agents tricked by Russian Operatives into paying $100,000.00 for “Kompromat” materials (can you guess what that means?) on Donald Trump.
    * They reported in this article that they were there to recover stolen NSA data to prevent further damage to the National Security Agency.
    * This makes NO SENSE. This is electronic data – it is already out there, even if they could get what was stolen, its not like recovering a stolen car ok?
    * So why buy it back? They were there to get trash on Trump. Period. Full Stop!
    Read the article, it is quite funny if not shameful how the Russians have outclassed the American Intel Community. They have forgotten how to play the espionage game!
  • The Intelligence Community has admitted they are continuing operations to obtain compromising data on Donald Trump. See this article.
  • Former CIA Director John Brennan is in a WORLD OF HURT right now. Read this interesting story detailing his perjury in front of Congress.

More? If you insist:
Media Treatment of the Disgusting North Korean dictator’s sister at the Winter Olympic’s in Soul. Media loves them some dictators and hate them some Trump don’t they?

Media: “Love me some dictators”


Barack and Michelle Obama had their official portraits unveiled today. Wow, the Jubilation and excitement right? Um, Not really.

These are totally unremarkable portraits. But their statement comes from their artist choice.

Want some examples of this “artists” past work?




Folks, I can’t stress this enough. The Media and the Leftist Socialist Democrats wanted to start a war with Russia, Start a race riot in America, and Unseat a sitting United States President!

Ok, finally, some good advice for you all here: If you don’t yet listen to Dan Bongino’s Podcast ( please take the time to do so. Start with episode 628 and listen to all of them. This is crucial. He has been all over this fiasco from the beginning. I have beaten him to the punch calling the events unfolding as a coup d’etat, but I want to give credit where it is due for the amazing insights he has given me.

Also – I wrote this blog post last week. Right after posting it, my web site crashed. I had to rebuild it from backups. So that is why this update is so long in coming.

UPDATES: Peter Strzok (the slimeball FBI agent who is at the heart of all nefarious activities in this mess) in his text messages stresses that he “Received a Bonus from the MYE [Clinton Email investigation they called the Mid Year Evaluation]” – he tells his paramour that he “Could live quite comfortably with what is there now” – Have you heard of any reports detailing confiscation of that money? Heard ANYTHING AT ALL about this man? I am digging in on that.

I also do not want to leave today without addressing the Horrible School Shooting in Florida on Valentines Day, Feb 14 2018. There is so much wrong here. Police were called to the shooters home 39 times over 8 year period. FBI was contacted at least twice with detailed information about this shooter. THEY DID NOTHING TO STOP THIS! In fact, the police (4 of them) from Broward County Sheriff’s Office were on site during the shooting, and none of them went in to stop it! NONE OF THEM. Neighboring officers from Coral Springs FL arrived and immediately went in. It has been reported the Sheriff had a standing “DO NOT ENGAGE” order. The Sheriff KNEW about this before going to the CNN TOWN HALL where the NRA and INNOCENT AMERICANS were skewered for owning guns to protect themselves. See the Townhall here. It is almost 2 hours long, but it is a disgusting hit job on law abiding Americans.

We even have President Trump talking about “CONFISCATING GUNS BEFORE DUE PROCESS” in THIS meeting with congress. DISGUSTING. Vote HIS butt out too!

I know this is a lot of information, but please know that our country needs people to be aware and help put a stop to the nonsense!

Until next time!