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Johnny McDunn aka James Jones aka McCityBoy

My Author/Pen Name is Johnny McDunn, which is the name I choose to write under because my real name – James Jones – has a gaggle of hits on Google for everything from football players to mass murderers and everything in-between.

This is not conducive to the success of an aspiring writer.

I am the Author of the zany EBook “The Misadventures of Skinny & Fuzz” and the Military Techno-Thriller “Bloodless” which is pending release sometime in December 2017 or January 2018.

I also write under www.RV-Writer.com for travel and other short stories (Check it out if you have time)

Chronologically – here is my story:

Born and raised in Phoenix Arizona. No – not Scottsdale or other affluent areas of that ilk. South Phoenix! Drug infested, violence prone, lower income – gang territory. Raised mainly by my father – A stubborn, hard headed, strong, and great World War II veteran. He raised us with no silver spoon in our mouths. Sometimes a strong look could set us straight and sometimes not – leather belt came in handy a few times!

I was in a fair bit of trouble as a youth. I won’t go into that in detail but needless to say I was headed down the wrong path.

Joined the United States Navy in 1988 and grew up pretty fast – boot camp does that to you for some strange reason. A brief – well Loooong – period in the Persian Gulf during Desert Storm and some very wild port visits all over the Pacific region. I may tell some of THOSE stories in my upcoming ramblings – I mean – Blog posts.

Met my wonderful (kind, beautiful, caring, strong willed, awesome, fun, adventurous, did I say beautiful – should I keep going?) wife in 1991. We have been married for 25 years (26 Years in December 2017).

3 rug rats – I mean – great kids! I will definitely tell THOSE stories in preparation for weddings etc…

Woobie – the oldest. Born 1992. Just completed college! She has found employment as a social worker. This career suits her personality to a Tee. She has the sweetest disposition and the biggest heart of anyone I know.
Squeekerbutt – Middie. Born in 1994. An accountant / wannabe FBI agent. This too fits her 4ft 9in personality to a Tee. She is now married and looking to give me some grandbabies to spoil.
Terrorist/Alouisius – (pronounced aloe-ish-us) – Born 1999 (yep quite a break there). He is finally off to college and is interested in mechanical and electrical engineering and manufacturing. He is such a fine young man – way better than me at that age.

All are the best children a man could hope for (nothing like me in other words!).

We left the Military after 8 years and I spent the last 28 years or so working in several sectors of the telecommunications field.

I hold a Bachelors degree in Secondary Education with a major in English and a minor in History. My English focus was on creative writing – so that is my passion!

My FAR better half is a Registered Nurse with 21 years of experience. She works ICU mostly. A great person and a wonderful and capable nurse!

The plan?

Well, my 28 year career in telecommunications field is finished, so it is time to embrace the passion – Writing!

That is US in a nutshell. If you like this site and my writing doesn’t make you want to throw up (yes I am setting the bar pretty low) please Follow me on Facebook and sign up to receive regular updates via email. Please recommend my books to your friends. I deliberately keep the prices low so everyone can afford them, but the only way for me to be successful as a writer is for readers to spread the word.

Thank you for taking the time to find out more about me and the family. I hope you enjoy these stories as much as I have enjoyed writing them.

Johnny McDunn (JMD)