This has been one HELL of a year

This is, and will be, my ONLY post this year. I will tell you how I feel and what I think is going to happen – it is MY opinion




State Government Dictatorships

The Solution? VOTE

  • Plagues: It is CHINA’s fault. We lost a lot of people, many due to the plague, and many due to government mandates. Trump the dictator never materialized, did he?
  • Riots/Violence: Screw BLM/Antifa – We don’t need you in this world. We need people willing to work towards solutions, like 50 Cent, Lil Mike & Lil Pump, Tim Pool, Candace Owens, Alveda King etc… They showed up and are making a difference!
    1. Many American cities have burned or been looted by thugs who have been throwing a hissy fit since Nov 8 2016
    2. Americans have been forced into silence about their conservative values due to the Liberal “Cancel Culture” – Fired for supporting Trump, lives threatened, property damaged, freedom of speech revoked, right to protect their lives trampled on, and social media censorship
    3. Media outlets like the NY Post silenced for reporting on a negative story about Joe Biden and his crime family
  • Government Overreach: State’s have lost their minds. Including MANY so called conservative states like Idaho. Locking down children, closing businesses, threats, arrests, fines, imprisonments, business licenses revoked, rights trampled, lied to! ENOUGH AMERICA!


Our recourse is to vote, tomorrow, November 3rd, 2020 for DONALD J. TRUMP

The rest of this post will tell you what I think will happen in the election:

TRUMP will win another term as President

The US Senate wll remain in Republican hands, and our position will improve to 60+ Republican Senators

The House of Reprehensibles will switch from Democrat control back to Republican control – Goodbye Nancy Pelosi

Trump will win in a 40+ state landslide- carrying many over the finish line on his coattails

I have NO DOUBTS of this – The landslide will be so large that we will know the outcome on the morning of November 4th 2020 – Joe Biden will concede in the early hours- Guaranteed


THIS is why! America LOVES Trump

Not only are Republicans gaining with Hispanics (40+%) and Blacks (25+%) but independents and DEMOCRATS are voting against Joe Biden and FOR Donald Trump.

In 2016, we all voted AGAINST Hillary, in 2020, we are voting FOR Trump. HUGE DIFFERENCE

Trump has been the first President in my lifetime to actually fulfill his promises. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM!

THIS is what the Loving Liberals want to do to you for not LOVING THEM!

The leftist Marxists in America want you dead. Remember that when you vote tomorrow.

THIS asswipe can’t keep his hands off the children

Joe Biden has a real pedophilia issue. He also used his crack head son as a bag man for his dirty dealing, VP office selling, TREASON – He is going to jail – if he wins, he will have a special counsel assigned to do to him what they tried to do to Trump – but this investigation will be based on evidence, not lies

The Democrat plan since the day Trump won in 2016

You see, the Democrats have made a single decision: MAKE LIFE MISERABLE FOR AMERICANS UNTIL THEY GIVE IN AND VOTE TRUMP OUT – Just like a 3 year old throws a temper tantrum in a grocery store. You have 2 choices; Give in or whoop their ass – what are YOU going to do? Let the 3 year old run your home? or whoop their ass?

They are planning a temper tantrum for November 4th 2020 too!

Unfortunately for these Marxists, Trump is going to utterly destroy antifa/blm if they try this shit after his re-election is assured – COUNT ON IT

My Projection (AT Minimum)

The above map could be way off. Trump may win in places like New Mexico, Colorado, Oregon & Washington – It depends on how many Democrats switch and vote for Trump – My guess is that 30% will – that will mean NY & CA are in play too. Look at the rally sizes and the non sponsored vehicle rally’s all over the country – Those not afflicted with Trump Derangement Syndrome may switch – that is at least 55% of the electorate

The economy stupid

Trump built the best economy in the history of this country AND HE IS DOING IT AGAIN. Biden promises to raise taxes and kill energy jobs – Yuck

THIS🖕Is a winning message

The 3 supreme court justices added by Trump are not wacko conservatives- they REALLY piss conservatives off – A LOT – but we support them because they follow the law (mostly). Biden wants to add another 5 liberal justices to wipe out the 9 person court we have had for over a century


So, let’s finish this. Kick these Marxist Communists out of power and vote for AMERICAN FREEDOM

Let MY VOTE do it please

I love you all, I love America, and I love FREEDOM

What have you got to lose? Your freedom is all!