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To Believe or… NOT

Since my last post, many things have happened.

President Trump has been besieged by the Media and half of this country who have been pushing a narrative that our President was a Russian Puppet.

  • Robert Mueller has prosecuted 4 people with ties to the White House:
    • Natl Security Advisor Gen Michael Flynn
    • George Popadopolis
    • Lawyer Michael Cohen
    • Lawyer Rick Gates
    • Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort
    • A bunch of Russian bots

Yes he has gotten some convictions and plea bargains. Nothing came close to linking the President to a crime. Let me say that again for the slow THE PRESIDENT DID NOT “COLLUDE” WITH ANYONE BUT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE TO WIN THE ELECTION

The reason I broke my silence today, is because a MAJOR event happened today.

Robert Mueller, Special Counsel extraordinaire, has finished his investigation and turned over his report to the Attorney General William Barr.

There will be NO more indictments, prosecutions, persecutions, or witch hunts against the President by the Dept of Justice. Congress is another matter!

Here is the process. AG Barr reviews the report and decides what to release to the Congress. Here is an initial letter from the AG to Congress detailing this process:


It is important that you read this carefully. I will point out a couple of things:

  • The AG has confirmed there were NO decisions to prosecute anyone overridden by the AG or Deputy AG – he had free reign
  • The AG will review the report this weekend and try to release what he can in accordance with the law and regulations
  • The AG made the above letter public in an effort to show he will be as transparent as possible

The AG will likely NOT name anyone who was not charged with a crime in his public release. There is good reason for that. The investigative material has information from innocent people. NO ONE should want to harm any innocent person with information that can be used to smear that person unjustly.

Well guess what? That is EXACTLY what Democrats and Media members want released. They would love to impeach Donald Trump on salacious information.

That should not happen. If it does, that would severely harm the public confidence in the Rule of Law that our country was founded upon. At least for half of the country anyway. The other half, the lawless half, would love to turn our justice department into Mexico’s form of justice.

Since November 9th, 2016, the Democrat Party, The Media, and The Socialists/Communists in this country have used the instruments of government to target the opposition party and the elected President of the United States for harrassment and threats of imprisonments. THAT is completely unacceptable.

Given that history, it is clear that neither the Democrat party, nor the Media, will accept the results of this investigation any more than they accepted the results of the 2016 Presidential election.

So, to Believe or NOT to believe

Lets go back to what happened here. The was an extremely contentious Presidential election in 2015 and 2016.

The Clinton campaign hired a law firm named Perkins COIE who hired a research firm named Fusion GPS who hired a former British intelligence agent to dig up dirt on their opponent Donald Trump. They then shopped that information called a “dossier” to dozens of media outlets who then reached out to government officials like FBI Director James Comey, Senator John McCain (who also handed it to the FBI), State Department officials, Ambassadors, pundits and more, who ALL fed it into the FBI and CIA to hurt Donald Trump before and after the election. The FBI then used that information to secure highly classified warrants to spy on the Trump campaign. They also sent in “lures” or “confidential human sources” “spies” into the campaign to try to lure campaign officials into admitting they were linked to Russians to win the election. Then congress screeeeeched “collusion” “Russia, Russia, Russia” for almost three years. Started multiple investigations (3of them in Congress). Finally, the congress colluded with a fired FBI Director to accuse the new Attorney General Jeff Sessions of being a Russian spy causing him to recuse himself. They then leaked meeting memo’s between said fired FBI Director and the President of the United States to force the Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to appoint a Special Counsel to investigate the entire scam.

So, you might say, WHATS THE HARM?

  • Lives have been ruined – too many to list here, but see the opening of this post for examples
  • Foreign relations have been impacted. How many foreign governments treated Trump poorly because they figured he wasnt going to be around long.
  • Democrats likened Trumps collusion to “Pearl Harbor” and “9/11” – Russian relations were close to war
  • The Socialist Democrats have praised Trump failures and/or prayed for him to fail in negotiations with China, N. Korea, Mexico, Iran etc…
  • This country is nearer to civil war than any time since 1861. Civil discourse is frankly in the toilet. 50% of Americans believe Russia changed vote totals in the 2016 election. 50 damn %
  • President and this country have been decimated by leaks from our intelligence community. So bad that the President ran his own sting
Presidential Leak Hunting
Presidential Leak Hunting

So, what’s next?

There will be, in the coming year, a ton of investigations and indictments against those who perpetrated this scam with illegal actions. See the attached article for a breakdown of SPYGATE (Watergate x1000)


There is an investigation already under way, for over a year, by Department of Justice Office of Inspector General Michael Horowitz and Utah US Attorney John Huber in assist, to identify misuse of government tools to illegally target people on the Trump campaign like Carter Page. That is going to ge rolling out soon. Leaks of classified information (Hillary Clinton notwithstanding) is illegal. This may be the hardest thing our government may be ever endure – it is not clear if our country will survive the prosecutions.

The Mueller investigation is over, but will the country accept the results? I will finish this up with visual representations of my answer to this question and further future events!

yep …True
yep…also True
You’re Next Lady
Final Outcome – Yes

Addendum: A lot of things happened today

  • Trump recognized Israel’s control over the Golan Heights where Syria has let Hezbollah attack Israel from
  • This report on Muellers investigation dropped
  • Trump signed an executive order yesterday requiring universities to ensure the right to free speech on campuses
  • The border with Mexico is at a breaking point. In the first 3 months of 2019, we have apprehended more people sneaking into our country than we deployed to Saudi Arabia to free Kuwait in 1990/1991 (and that’s just the ones we catch)


Friday the 13th 2018 – WOW

Friday the 13th is usually a bad omen. For President Donald Trump, it was an intense day. He brought fear to a lot of terrible people today.

First: Syria. On April 4th 2018, Bashar Assad, Syrian dictator, used chemical weapons against his own people AGAIN. Trump sent cruise missiles against his bases in 2017. Well, he attacked Syria again today.

Trump address on Syria HERE

Nato Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg statementon Syria HERE

French President Emmanuel Macron statement on Syria “Dozens of men, women and children were massacred using chemical weapons in Douma on Saturday, 7 April.  The red line has been crossed. I have therefore ordered the French armed forces to intervene.”

So Trump isn’t starting World War III all by himself.

Syria says “BREAKING: Pro-Assad official says around 30 missiles fired at Syria during attack, a third were shot down; government assessing damage – Reuters”

In fact, US, France, and the UK used both Missiles and Bombers with escorting fighter aircraft on this raid. NONE were intercepted by Syria according to Secretary of Defense Jim Maddog Mattis. No ground troops were involved.

Goals of the attack according to U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Joseph Dunford:
—Target Areas—
•Scientific research center near Damascus
•Chem weapons storage facility near Homs
•Storage facility, command post in same area
picked for significance to the chem weapons program & mitigated risk of collateral damage/civilian casualties

Russian statement “#BREAKING: Russian Ambassador to U.S. on Syria strikes: “The worst apprehensions have come true…We warned that such actions will not be left without consequences.” See picture

Actually, LOL. ‘Fightin’ words’ – Except of course, the Russians got out of dodge as soon as the US Navy showed up, some 4-5 days ago. They’ll do nothing. If they try, however, indeed they will learn that actions have consequences. For them!

Here is a great piece on Russian ability to respond. YES You SHOULD be laughing at them!

Bashar Assad: That face you make when you realize the air defense system you spent a fortune on was just a bunch of stereo parts attached to a Sega console










Domestic Politics
DOJ/FBI Inspector General report on Andrew McCabe – HERE (35 pages long, summaries in below articles)

For the details, See THIS article:
and THIS article and THIS article.

Raid on Trump personal attorney Michael Cohen this week was a very big deal. The truth is, it was done by the NY FBI field office and not by Robert Mueller who is investigating Trump Russia collusion. This shows it has nothing to do with targeting President Trump.

Summary this week:
1) In less than 24 hours we have had:
*The IG report on McCabe shows he was the criminal we all knew he was
*Announcement that there are at least TWO other IG reports coming
* the US forced Syria’s Assad to flee to Iran with a few cruise missiles and no civilian casualties
* Attacked Syria after telling Russia to flee
* launched a global war against pedophiles by shutting down and charging owners of “Backpage” website used for sex trafficking.
*began a massive overhaul of welfare requiring work for benefits
***And just to tweak the democrat dummies, the President pardoned Scooter Libby.

In other news you aren’t seeing on Television, Iran is STILL facing massive internal regime change activity. Read THIS take on events:

In short, Democrats are facing 2018 mid term election woes, FBI & DOJ are cleaning house of corruption, Syria just got smacked hard, Clinton is in trouble, Russia ran away from Trumps Syria attacks, Iran is collapsing, North Korea is negotiating, China caved on Trumps tariff demands, and Americans are facing 4% GDP growth this year in our smoking hot economy. Life is getting better every day!

McCabe is OUT – My Take

Evening folks!

Yesterday, March 16, 2018 was a good day.

Former Deputy Director of the FBI has been terminated by Attorney General Jeff Sessions after the Office of the DOJ Inspector General and Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) recommended it. Seems he was not honest in his testimony when questioned.

That is a firing offense. He may have committed crimes. In fact, his office and the Special Council Robert Mueller has charged General Michael Flynn with doing the exact same thingg.

In fact, it has been reported on the internet that McCabe may have had a role in changing form 302’s (Interview reports) submitted by agents who interviewed General Flynn. If that is the case, those changes led to the General losing his home, his retirement, and possibly his freedom.

So don’t mind me if I say TOO DAMN BAD McCabe. Reap what you sew.

He also is a vindictive SOB who treated a female Special Agent badly when she reported to the EEO about abuse at the FBI.

See this story by Robyn Gritz, the SSA who was ruined by McCabe.

Liberals, Socialists, and the media are going WILD over this firing.

Now, read THIS story that will explain how we got here!

Liberal reaction? Ugh, look at these!

This is from the former CIA Director and UN Ambassador under Obama! Think about the power these people held. Does it seem a stretch to believe they are capable of trying to use their power to frame our President with a bogus Russia collusion crime?

How about these?

Trump weigh’s in. Here is another American hero from Benghazi who has a good slam on McCabe:

McCabe was a slime who destroyed lives and now whines about his loss. Read this meme, it shows he may be in some trouble!

WHOOPS, looks like he may have implicated his friend and former Scumbag Director of the FBI James Comey in perjury.

Now, I’m not going to link to McCabes statement after he was fired. Full of whining and bloviating on how honorable he is. PUKE!

Here is a cool meme explaining why this is big news, and why I am sure indictments are coming for Clinton, Comey, Obama, and others:

Now, on to some other amazing news. If you plan to visit London any time in your life, keep your THOUGHTS to yourself, oh, wait, you cant think without being in trouble now. Read THIS

From the Met Police website. Read it. Then read it again. And again. And again.

You may not have committed a criminal offence. But if we don’t like what was in your head, we can still make you a criminal.

This isn’t ‘hate crime’. This is thought-crime.

Now THAT is a hopeful man!

Good night all. Trump’s got this!

Trump a Russian Puppet?

Ok Folks,

Short entry for today. This has been one HELL of a week!

I have been getting blasted by people saying “Trump is a Russian puppet. Sanctions not reinstated! Russia, Russia, Russia. What is Trump doing to stop Russian interference in the US?”

So, let me lay it out for you.

*** We have no stinking idea. Trump does NOT telegraph his actions. He just acts. ***


Read this article.

Apparently, some Russian Mercenaries tried to take a position in Syria held by American forces. That article tells you what happened. This happened over a month ago. Tonight MSNBC is reporting this as breaking news.

A little late but better than never.

Lets talk North Korea: Trump was just given an opportunity by NOKO to sit down and talk with “Little Rocket Man” Kim Jong Un. KJU agreed in opening request to not fire any more missiles, begin to denuclearize, and not complain when the US & Soko conduct training. NO PRECONDITIONS ON THE US! Also hearing that KJU wants the US to open an embassy there! Just WOW folks!

Why? Sanctions & China. Trump has hit them with severe sanctions and China is on board, even though Trump is slapping Tariffs on their steel.

I don’t know if this will lead to peace, but if it does, oh boy!

Even CNN says so in THIS piece.

Lets talk RussiaGate for a second. Trump has the media so confused that they are SUPPORTING both Jeff Sessions (our Attorney General) who everyone says should resign, AND Inspector General Horowitz of the DOJ.

Sessions has already appointed an outside prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton and the FBI/DOJ – Quietly – that will lead to Obama in my opinion. These Socialist pigs need to be held accountable and will be!

Read This Article please

and This article too

The DOJ Inspector General is expected to release his report soon (in March 2018). This will be DEVASTATING to the Democrats and crooks in the FBI/DOJ.

Lets talk 2018 midterm elections. The democrats say a “Blue Wave” is coming. They think they will take the House of Representatives and put Nancy Pelosi in charge. Historically that is true, the party out of power takes a lot of seats in midterms. Here is an article on Texas primaries last Tuesday. No blue wave in Texas folks.

Now, the US Senate is in better shape for Republicans, because Democrats have far more seats up for grabs. See THIS article showing current status.

If Democrats do win, our agenda is in jeapordy. They will be able to stop investigations into their crimes, halt Trump’s agenda, and even impeach the president. They can’t pass any laws because Trump would veto them. Please get out and vote. Give President Trump the help he needs to Make America Great Again!

Have a great week everyone!



Amazing Update: #Obamagate Scandal


This country is a mess right now!.

Last week, Donald Trump Jr.’s wife received an envelope in the mail containing a suspicious white powder. It appears she and the children ingested some of this powder when the envelope was opened and were taken to the hospital. The Secret Service is calling the substance harmless. I contend the “Harm” was intended to terrorize Donald Trump, and the American people, and was successful. Many fear attempts on the President’s life. His family is understandably shaken, and I am disgusted with the Liberal Loony Leftist Socialists in this world. If you want to see what these disgusting people said about this attack on the President’s Family here are a few pics from Twitter.

Folks, this is the Modern Day Democrat Party. Today! 2018!

DOES THIS Seem like a loving party to you?


Why would anyone, ever, support these pigs in the Democrat Party?

I contend, that after the entire scandal comes out, there won’t BE a Democrat Party. It is going to be that damaging. It’s why they’re fighting so hard.

It may lead to: Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Susan Rice and even President Obama, being indicted (AMONG MANY OTHERS)!

Here’s to hoping that is what happens.

Ok, Moving on!

  • Here is a link to the Corrupt FBI Agent Peter Strzok and FBI Lawyer Lisa Page text messages. Remember, lovers are more likely than not to share TRUTHFUL statements because they are in a conspiracy to begin with. Why not add another – like engaging in an investigation “leading to impeachment?”
  • Here is the much anticipated Devyn Nunes Republican memo detailing the Obama Administrations efforts to spy on Donal Trump – ILLEGALLY!
  • Here is the follow up letter from Senators Chuck Grassley and Lyndsay Graham which fully confirms the Nunes memo and refers the case to the Department of Justice to investigate and charge the disgusting Dossier author, and former British Spy, Christopher Steele with perjury.

Democrat Adam Schiff (you will read some more about him below) went BERZERK when the Nunes memo was released. He demanded to write a Democrat memo and he did.

He knows there is nothing to dispute in the Nunes memo, so he fabricated a bunch of crap, including confidential sources and methods of intelligence collection activities he knew the FBI/DOJ would not allow him to release. He then sent it to President Trump for release, knowing full well the President wouldn’t release it because of all the sources and methods!

His Goal? To claim Trump was hiding things.

Shiffy little jerk Congressman Schiff, ain’t he?

His memo was finally released on SATURDAY (trying to hide it?) February 24th 2018. Here is a link to that document.

Here is a great article explaining how the Democratic Memo hurts the Democrats, not Trump. Great read!

Now, here is the point of my post today.


Proof? You want PROOF? OK you asked for it:

  • Senator Mark Warner, a Democrat, was engaged in attempts to bring the Former British Spy, Christopher Steele, to the United States to testify to congress. He did so by contacting a lobbyist with ties to RUSSIAN OLIGARCHS.IN 2017 – AFTER THE ELECTION – AFTER TRUMP WAS SWORN IN.

Why reach out to Russians to get in contact with British spies? Read these text messages. They would be hilarious if not so deadly in their subversive and treasonous goals. These people are colluding with Russians to try to get proof that Donald Trump is colluding with Russians. You can’t make this stuff up people!

  • Congressman Adam Schiff, the squirrily little Democrat who wrote the democrat memo above, was PUNKED by two Ukrainian Radio Station hoaxsters (they have pranked John McCain and many others). Rep. Schiff is the dirtbag who has been trying to keep Americans from learning of the Obama admin spying scandal, going so far as to go to court to prevent congress from getting bank records from the law firm Perkin’s Coie and Opposition Research firm Fusion GPS, who hired the dirty British Agent they are trying to contact and set up his ability to give more lies about Trump. Amazing. This is the HILARIOUS YOUTUBE video showing Rep. Schiff’s pranked ass going along. FYI: Schiff THOUGHT these were REAL Russians with dirt on President Trump, so the fact that they were not, doesn’t matter people! He is doing exactly what they are accusing President Trump of doing, what we have a special council INVESTIGATING President Trump for doing! Let that sink in a second!


Want MORE? Ok – As if the above wasn’t bad enough, we get things like this from the media:

Here are some of the latest news articles.

  • US Intelligence Agents tricked by Russian Operatives into paying $100,000.00 for “Kompromat” materials (can you guess what that means?) on Donald Trump.
    * They reported in this article that they were there to recover stolen NSA data to prevent further damage to the National Security Agency.
    * This makes NO SENSE. This is electronic data – it is already out there, even if they could get what was stolen, its not like recovering a stolen car ok?
    * So why buy it back? They were there to get trash on Trump. Period. Full Stop!
    Read the article, it is quite funny if not shameful how the Russians have outclassed the American Intel Community. They have forgotten how to play the espionage game!
  • The Intelligence Community has admitted they are continuing operations to obtain compromising data on Donald Trump. See this article.
  • Former CIA Director John Brennan is in a WORLD OF HURT right now. Read this interesting story detailing his perjury in front of Congress.

More? If you insist:
Media Treatment of the Disgusting North Korean dictator’s sister at the Winter Olympic’s in Soul. Media loves them some dictators and hate them some Trump don’t they?

Media: “Love me some dictators”


Barack and Michelle Obama had their official portraits unveiled today. Wow, the Jubilation and excitement right? Um, Not really.

These are totally unremarkable portraits. But their statement comes from their artist choice.

Want some examples of this “artists” past work?




Folks, I can’t stress this enough. The Media and the Leftist Socialist Democrats wanted to start a war with Russia, Start a race riot in America, and Unseat a sitting United States President!

Ok, finally, some good advice for you all here: If you don’t yet listen to Dan Bongino’s Podcast (DanBongino.com) please take the time to do so. Start with episode 628 and listen to all of them. This is crucial. He has been all over this fiasco from the beginning. I have beaten him to the punch calling the events unfolding as a coup d’etat, but I want to give credit where it is due for the amazing insights he has given me.

Also – I wrote this blog post last week. Right after posting it, my web site crashed. I had to rebuild it from backups. So that is why this update is so long in coming.

UPDATES: Peter Strzok (the slimeball FBI agent who is at the heart of all nefarious activities in this mess) in his text messages stresses that he “Received a Bonus from the MYE [Clinton Email investigation they called the Mid Year Evaluation]” – he tells his paramour that he “Could live quite comfortably with what is there now” – Have you heard of any reports detailing confiscation of that money? Heard ANYTHING AT ALL about this man? I am digging in on that.

I also do not want to leave today without addressing the Horrible School Shooting in Florida on Valentines Day, Feb 14 2018. There is so much wrong here. Police were called to the shooters home 39 times over 8 year period. FBI was contacted at least twice with detailed information about this shooter. THEY DID NOTHING TO STOP THIS! In fact, the police (4 of them) from Broward County Sheriff’s Office were on site during the shooting, and none of them went in to stop it! NONE OF THEM. Neighboring officers from Coral Springs FL arrived and immediately went in. It has been reported the Sheriff had a standing “DO NOT ENGAGE” order. The Sheriff KNEW about this before going to the CNN TOWN HALL where the NRA and INNOCENT AMERICANS were skewered for owning guns to protect themselves. See the Townhall here. It is almost 2 hours long, but it is a disgusting hit job on law abiding Americans.

We even have President Trump talking about “CONFISCATING GUNS BEFORE DUE PROCESS” in THIS meeting with congress. DISGUSTING. Vote HIS butt out too!

I know this is a lot of information, but please know that our country needs people to be aware and help put a stop to the nonsense!

Until next time!


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